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Dexter SA - Photo competition 2020

First SA Dexter farm challenge

Photo competition 2020

dextersa photo competition 2020

Dear Breeder

2020, a year with challenges on challenges. First Foot and Mouth and now Covid 19. Most, if not all of our shows and exhibitions have been canceled or postponed. In the absence of our shows, the board was given a brilliant idea to get all of our breeders involved, a photo competition.

We would be delighted if all our breeders could participate. As with a show, there will be different classes/ categories to enter.

The following rules apply:

  • The closing date for photo submissions is the 15th of May 2020. No late entries will be accepted. The judge’s decision is final and there will be no correspondence or discussion afterward.
  • Public social popularity voting will stop on the 27th of May 2020.
  • You can only vote once per category.
  • Winners will be announced on the 29th of May 2020.
  • Entries are not only free of charge but for each category entered, the breeder will receive an R50 credit to his / her 2020/2021 account. Each class winner will receive a further R50 credit and the overall winner will receive R100 credit.
  • Photos taken shall be amateur photos taken on-farm by the breeder or a family member.
  • The photo must be recent, taken within the last two months.
  • One photo per animal, a side view where the whole animal is visible.
  • The animal may wear a halter but must appear as natural as possible.
  • No handler shall appear on the photo.
  • The animal must appear alone on the photo, not in a group.
  • Only animals registered as SP or B may be entered.
  • One animal only per breeder per class.
  • The animal must be registered in the name of the breeder and must be on the owner’s property at the time when the photo is taken.
  • A winner, as well as 2nd and 3rd places, will be awarded to each class. Further, an overall winner and reserve winner will be chosen.
  • Photo entries and details of the animals must be submitted to the Secretary of Dexter SA.
  • The Dexter Society takes ownership of the photos entered and reserves the right to publish such photos for marketing purposes, either electronically or in print.
  • Since we already have a few overseas entries, they will qualify for the popular votes and can just enter "Other" in the place of SP or B. Do put your code in though.

Classes / Categories (Age determination as on 01/04/2020)

  1. Senior cow (3 years and above)
  2. Junior cow/heifer (18 – 36 months)
  3. Senior bull (3 years and above)
  4. Junior bull (18 - 36 months)
  5. Toddler class (bull or heifer, 6 – 18 months)
  6. Best udder (Side view, full cow photo)
  7. Best herd photo
  8. Baby competition. Calf below 2 months of age. The calf can be in any standing or lying position.
  9. Fun Photos. Any funny foto of a Dexter. Or any photo you think everyone will like in regards to dexters.

Fellow breeders, dust off the old camera, or pull out your latest cell phone. We look forward to a fun challenge with you.